Monday 6th may> Llandudno Victorian extravaganza £16.00 per person.


Tuesday 21st may>The historical town of Cambridge £16.00 per person.


Tuesday 4th June>Morton in the marsh market & bourton on the water £16.00 per person.


Monday 24th June >a visit to the historical Ardwick hall and gardens in Derbyshire £ t.b.c


Thursday 11th July >portMerion village north wales£27.00 per person.


Sunday  14th July – Classic and vintage transport rally at British iron works museum £15.00 per person.


Wednesday 31st July >a visit o the welsh seaside Aberystwyth £16.00 per person.


Monday 5th august >The historical town of Wrexham £16.00 per person.


Saturday 24th august >Southport or  The Southport flower show  £16.00 per person for Southport price to be considered for the flower show.


Wednesday 4th September >Bury market £16.00 per person.


Tuesday 17th September >Welsh pool & Llanfair railway £24.00 per person.


Tuesday 8th October > cruise with  2 course meal Nottingham river cruise £28.50 per person.


Saturday 26th October>wellbourne market £16.00 per person.


Wednesday 27th November>Manchester Christmas market £16.00 per person.


Friday 15th November >The city of chesterfield £16.00 per person.


Thursday 12th December >Christmas  shopping in York£16.00 per person.


Friday 20th December >Bridgenorth and Christmas meal  at the down inn pus entertainment £27.50 per person.